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there is a light that never goes out

22 November

we're the heirs to the glimmering world. css / banner

1200 lb quadrupeds, adventure is out there!, beam me up scotty!, beautiful old houses, being hip and pretentious, cerebral fiction, cold and quiet mornings, come-on-feel-the-waltz, dave eggers' staggering genius, geode stones, german sweet chocolate cake, hipster jams, miss-jean-louise-stand-up-your-father's-passing, mountain man bands, mr. jerome david salinger, musical theater kids, muss-es sein?-es-muss-sein, oscar wilde's hair, pomegranate oolong tea, quintus horatio flaccus, raw crystal quartz, rousing games of scrabble, skim white milk, spending my minuscule funds, the cone of shame, the eastern hemisphere, the hepburn girls, translating ancient latin texts, truman capote's poetic prose, unabashed music snobbery, unique dresses, unshaven ruffians